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Francisican monk praying     Eastern Orthodox monk praying

"The world is my cloister, my body is my cell, and my soul is the hermit within."
--- St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis really could not say anything more true today. That is how the monastics of the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church feel each and every day. Whether it be the Franciscan Order or the Eastern Rite Order, all have been called to serve God in the place they are living at the moment and in a way that will help the community they live in.

There are two monastic orders within the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church. One order is Franciscan and the other is Eastern Rite. Both of these monastic communities are "monasteries without walls", which means that the monastics do not live in a monastic house together. Monastics are entirely self-supporting and must provide for themselves. The Church does not provide any financial support.

If you are interested in becoming a Franciscan within the Franciscan community, please contact Archbishop Charles E. Smith, OSF via email at:

If you have an interest in becoming an Eastern Rite Monastic, please read the following web page information: Monasticism -- Eastern Rite.

Following is the process for acceptance as a monastic in the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church: