Our Lady of Peace Cathedral's Logo     "To Exemplify Jesus' love through us"

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Come and Visit With Us:

Our Lady of Peace Cathedral
Our Lady of Peace Cathedral

Have you been looking for a church:
where you can feel you matter?
that understands what you want from a Church?
that does not judge you in any way?

Well, then you have found that church right here at Our Lady of Peace Cathedral!

Our Lady of Peace Cathedral is a is very exceptional Independent Old Catholic Franciscan Faith Community! The Mass we celebrate is reflective of the Old Catholics. If you are from an Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, Anglican worshiping church, you will feel right at home with the Mass. If you come from another worshiping church, you will very quickly feel comfortable with the Mass. Come worship with us and see your faith in a new way. And while you are at it, make new friends....Everyone is welcome in God's church. The Communion Table is open to all who believe in Jesus! Come and Visit.

The logo in the upper left corner of this web site is a picture of the dove that is "descending" to the tabernacle in the Cathedral. A member of the church did the painting on the wall behind the tabernacle.